Kaz Creations Nail Decal Review!

*Press Sample

Hey Guys!

Kaz Creations, a nail decal & temporary tattoo website,¬†contacted me recently and asked if I’d like to try out their nail water decals.

I was allowed to pick which design I wanted, and went for something I wouldn’t normally…My Little Pony! I received 2 packs of decals…this is how they arrive.


The decals arrived super quick and well packaged.


On the back is a list of instructions, so if you’re new to water decals this is super helpful. The instructions specify these are best put over a clear or light coloured nail polish base.


So I decided to paint my nails white so the decal colours would pop. So as per the instructions, I cut out the decals I wanted to use and trimmed as close to the image as I possible could (not shown).


You’re then going to need a container of warm water. I used my tweezers to hold the decal, and held in the water for around 10-20 seconds.


Once you pull the decal out of the water, lightly dab of kitchen paper to absorb the excess water. The decal will then easily slide of the backing paper and you can apply to your nails!

Top Coat, and voila!


I found the decals super easy to use, as per the instructions. However, I did notice the clear backing it was on was not as flexible as I would’ve liked it to be. This is purely because I have high C-Curve nails, and a couple of them did not sit as flat as I’d have liked. If you have flatter nails, then it’s more than likely you wouldn’t have this problem ūüėÉ

I hope you found this blog post useful, and go and check out Kaz Creations Рthey have a huge range of nail decals, stencils and temporary tattoos on the website.

See you soon!

Sarah xoxo

Heroes & Villains Collaboration with @NonaPhilippa

Hey guys!

Welcome to my very first Blog post!

NonaPhilippa and I have started our 2016 quarterly collaborations again on our YouTube Channels!

Our theme this quarter is Heroes & Villains. We chose Disney’s Sleeping Beauty and the classic tale of Good vs Evil!


We decided I would depict¬†Aurora ~¬†Sleeping Beauty¬†herself! Here’s what I came up with!


I really wanted to incorporate the rose thorn bush, as her name was Briar Rose when she was living in the cottage with the good fairies. I also wanted to attempt a decal with the Prince¬†(which turned out better than I thought!) I also incorporated the ‘Once upon a Dream’ phrase and a silhouette of the castle.

I used a gorgeous base of Madam Glam Bubble Gum and Magpie Beauty Two Faced Dust in ‘Iris’ to create ¬†a gorgeous magical sparkly hue. Luckily, I also had the help of the BBF Plate 40 ~ perfect for Sleeping Beauty!

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 13.47.07.png

All the items and details of stamping polishes & stampers are listed in the description box of my YouTube tutorial here.


NonaPhilipppa has depicted Maleficent brilliantly with her sparkly mani!


Check out Nona’s YouTube tutorial here to see how she achieved this fabulous mani!

I hope you enjoyed our collaboration and my first ever blog post!

See you in the next one!

Sarah xoxo