Cici & Sisi Acrylic Stamping Plate

*Press Sample

Hey Guys!

So if you haven’t heard of Cici & Sisi, they are a stamping nail art company and sell plates, cases and nail art accessories etc.

They contacted me recently asking if I’d like to try out their new style of acrylic plate. I was really intrigued, as up until now I’ve only ever seen metal stamping plates. They also wanted me to forward them onto my fellow nail professionals to have a play with, so I picked out 4 friends!

Anona Wright (Nails by Anona)

Natalie Maddox-Hussain (Polish & Glow)

Sara Williams (Fab Creative Nails)

Shelley Leadbeater-Rogers (8 Fingers 2 Thumbs)

So the plates arrived very quickly, and first of all I was blown away by the pacakaging! It is absolutely gorgeous ❤️


Cici & Sisi Packaging

So the particular plate we were testing out was called Wedding Season. It was made up of 24 larger size intricate lace and floral images, with 7 individual images down the centre of the plate.


Wedding Season

The underneath of the plate was a smooth finish with the Cici & Sisi logo in white.


Underside of the plate

I tested out the following stampers & stamping polish:

Black Marshmallow Squishy Firm

Fab Ur Nails Jumbo Mint Glaze Stamper

Clear Jelly Stamper

Creative Shop Stamper


Nail Stamping Queen Polish

Hit The Bottle Polish


Colour Alike


Here’s a selection of how they stamped and they all stamped great! I will say it was slightly difficult stamping in white, as the plate is predominantly white so made it a little difficult to see. However, that aside, I only scraped once for all the images shown, and they turned out lovely. The plate was also easy to clean with our acetone, and it did not affect the coated acrylic.


Thank you to Cici & Sisi for sending me this plate to test – if you are interested in this type of plate please stay tuned to their Facebook page and website for more details, 😀

See you in the next one!

Sarah xoxo





3 thoughts on “Cici & Sisi Acrylic Stamping Plate

  1. Jersey Jock says:

    Thanks for reply, I noticed the wedding plate is also smaller so not all the designs that are on the wedding tester plate, I would have preferred the larger tester one, do like the look of them though


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